Food-grade Silica Gel JawLine Exercise Ball Muscle Fitness Ball Neck Face Toning Jawrsize Jaw Muscle Training Tool

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Color. Blue / Color. Beige / Color. Yellow /

Material:Food grade silicone
Color:yellow, blue, pink
Strength:Same strength, both are 30lbs
This is a facial exercise product that can help strengthen and tone facial muscles. Become clearer and give your youthful appearance a new look.
It only takes 10 minutes a day to see the difference. After enough training, rest and nutrition, your facial muscles will grow like other muscles!
Do not put the exercise ball in hot water! Before use, just put the bite strip in 80℃ hot water to soften it, then take it out and put it in the exercise ball.
Package Included
1x Exercise ball
4x Bite strip
1x Plastic storage box
1x Manual

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