Y.F.M ingrown Toenail Paronychia Armor Corrector Eagle Nail Scissors Ditch Spoon Nail Device

SKU: VWOZ-1194889


Item Type:Clamp Three Piece Set
Color:Gold, Silver
Material:Stainless Steel
Net Weight:About 122g
Usage:Paronychia, ingrown toenails
Package Included
1 x Nail Spoon Device
1 x Olecranon Pliers
1 x Armor Corrector
How to Use
1. first with warm water foot bath for 20 minutes.
2. Wear the correct device correctly.
3. Tighten the rotary screw and adjust it to the appropriate speed.
4. Dry the toes with a hairdryer.
1. Using lever mechanics to change the angle of nail growth.
2. Specially designed for ingrowing nails and paronychia patient.

Additional information

Weight0.125 kg


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