MSN T3 Multi-purpose Electric Hair Shaver Razor From Waterproof 2-way Blade Dry & Wet Body Leg Armpit Hair Eyebrow Styling Trimmer

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Brand:MSN, Xiaomi Youpin
Product name:MSN Multi-purpose Electric Hair Shaver Trimmer
Product model:T3
Product color:Black, white
Battery capacity:800mAh nimh battery
Charging time:8 hours
Product size:155.5mm x 32.8mm x 26.3mm
Package size:187mm x 82mm x 48mm
Net weight:about 70g
Patented wrapped shaver head for safety shaving
The patented wrapped blade is tightly locked in the sealed head to isolate the skin from direct contact with the blade.
All round shaving of two-way blade system
The unique One Catch two-way blade system is designed to solve the shaving problem. Equipped with high-speed reciprocating moving knife, it is easier to achieve deep shaving effect.
Flexible shaver head
Flexible blade neck is combined with smooth blade net, easy to shave the hair in the face contour of cheek, chin, temples and forehead.
Multi-purpose full body shaving
Not only shaving, but also styling. The armpit hair and leg hair are easy shaved, and the eyebrow bikini line is styled at will.
IPX5 waterproof, dry & wet shaving
Apply the delicate foam on the skin, and the shaver head will slide over the skin smoothly, and even the unconquerable mandible will be shaved.
High speed motor
Built in 6000RPM high-speed motor, powerful way, higher shaving efficiency and effectively reduce the occurrence of hair blocking up.
Long endurance
Built in NiMH battery, USB Type-C charging port, full electricity can last for 50 days.
Package included
1x MSN Electric Hair Shaver
1x Type-C Charging Cable
1x Introduction Manuals

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