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About Vwoz – Face Masks Supplier as online store supply face masks such as disposable masks,medical masks,surgical masks,n95 face masks or other products.We can assist the contact factory to provide all anti-epidemic products such as 75% ethanol anti-bacterial gel disinfection hand sanitizer,disposable medical goggles,disposable safety medical face shield fluid resistant full face mask,coverall disposable anti-epidemic antibacterial plastic closures isolation suit,disposable alcohol sterilized cotton pads.

Why choose Vwoz.

1.Factory direct, wholesale price
Vwoz supply best face mask for coronavirus,medical face masks,n95 respirator mask,surgical face masks,disposable face masks,respirator face masks,which all direct from mask factory,buy face mask get wholesale price.
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2.Quality assurance, testing and certification
Vwoz face mask products all have testing and certification,include medical masks,surgical masks,KN95 Face masks,We Can provide test reports,and KN95 meets GB 2626-2006 standard.

3.Products in stock, shipping worldwide
All our products,n95 medical mask,disposable masks,medical masks,surgical masks,many of them are in stock,we can ship worldwide,especially in countries with severe novel coronavirus,italy,iran,korea,france,spain,germany,USA and Japan
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