LCD Digital Display 400mah 5 Blade Razor Hair Clipper USB Rechargeable Bald Head Electric Trimmer Shaver

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Package Includes
1 x Electric shaver
1 x USB cable
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Instructions
Name:Electric shaver
Input voltage:5V-(USB) 1A
Charging time:2 hours
Built-in battery:400mAh
1. This electric waterproof razor is small and compact, allowing you to shave easily and also have a haircut. The ideal model for bald people can easily solve haircut needs at home.
2. Tactile switch design, feel the comfort and convenience of digital products.
3. The product uses USB charging settings, and mobile phone and computer sockets can be used universally, which can effectively reduce the cost of research and development, and at the same time can supplement electric energy.
4. Built-in lithium battery design, fast charging, with intelligent charging and discharging protection, low voltage reminder and other functions.
5. Wet and dry design, can be used in the bathroom, can also be used with beard cream to help enhance the shaving effect.
6. Intelligent LCD digital display design, the time when the product can be used when it is turned on, and the time when it is used when it is turned off.
Description of charging method
1. Please charge it for 2 hours after the first charge and then use it normally
2. The razor needs to be kept off when charging
3. Connect the power, the LCD display screen of the fuselage will light up and flicker, and after the full time, the display will stop flashing to indicate that the charging is completed
4. When you press the switch, the shaver has no response, or when the display number is less than 10s, please recharge in time.

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