Ear Wax Removal Kit Electric Ear Cleaner Vacuum Ear Spoon with LED Light Soft Ear-Pick Clean Tools Set

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Professional and Soft Ear Wax Removal Tool:Ear wax removal kit is made of soft elastic material, it can quickly absorb the dirt inside the ear, and suck the dirt into the dirt bin of the machine while sucking.
Easy To Use:You simply press the switch and the LED switch, gently insert the electric ear cleaner into your ear, then gently vibrate it to attract your earwax, then wait a moment and move it slowly and softly.
Double-Size Soft Heads and LED light:Vacuum Ear Wax Remover has double size soft heads that are suitable for adults and children. The built-in LED light illuminates up to see the earwax position more clearly.
Superior Suction:Electric ear cleaner has high-quality motor, and it can release super suction, can easily sucking away the earwax on your ear. This product has a long service life and an average service life of up to 300,000 hours.
Replace the head
1. Prepare the ear spoon and body
2. Push it lightly for easy installation
3. Press the button to use
Replace the battery
1. Gently pull open
2. Remove the back cover
3. Replace the battery
Package Include:1 * ear picker
1 * soft sucker for adults
1 * soft straw for children
6 * button battery

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