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220V 22W Ultrasonic Beauty instrument 6 Gears Electric Facial Cleansing Machine Facial Body Skin therapy Massager

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Gear position:6 files
Applicable scene:home / beauty salon
Ultrasonic Cosmetic Device is a kind of design computer panel.As an epoch-making cosmetic device, it has the following features:simple operation,wide treatment scope,quick effect,high cure rate,small volume, light weight and novel appearance design.
With mechanical-vibration wave generated by hyper-frequency,it is able to improve blood circulation and lymphorrhea and speed the motion of cells,Besides,it has no side effects.
In addition to mechanical,warm and hot ,and biochemical effects,it also has the effect of relaxing the muscles and stimulating the blood circulation on softened tissues.The continuance of high-frequency wave,impulse heat effect, and entry and penetration of medicines have good resulte.
Skin pulling,wrinkle removal,concave hole removal,scar removal,weight reduction,double jaw removal,pouch removal,
black eye socket removal,preg-nancy striac removal and crowfoot crack removal.
1.A typical ultrasonic cosmetic method is a kind of treatment in which an ultrasonic head touches the skin directly.
The ultrasonic head moves uniformly or makes slow and reciprocal linear motion or slow circulat motion on the part
under treatment.
2.Befor using the device,clean the facial skin with suitable milky wash.
3.After wiping the milkywash,steam the face with a sprayer for 10 minutes.
4.Softly apply suitable astringent lotion all over the face.
5.Softly wipe the astringent lotion,so that the skin is able to receive complete sterilization and optimum protection.
6.After analysis of the skin nature,apply suitable ointment to the face uniformly,so that the ultrasonic head is able to
turn flexibly during operation.
7.Switch on power and choose the right output plug socket to plug in the ultrasonic head.
8.Press the power supply switch and adjust the power to the correct value,Generally,the green and yellow parts are used.
9.Adjust the time to a suitbale value,generally 15 minutes,
10.Choose wave-form continuous wave or impulse wave according to the requirements.
Facial skin shall be cleaned before ultrasonic treatment.
When the time is adjusted to zero or energy output lamps all go out,the ultrasonice head outputs no energy.
Ultrasonic heads can not output ultrasonic energy for too long time(more than 30 minutes)
In such case ,cosmetic operation shall be stopped,lest the ultrasonic heads shouble be damaged due to overheat.
After the treatment,the ultrasonic heads should be cleaned.
Package Included
1x Ultrasonic Cosmetic Machine
2x Ultrasonic heads
1x Manual

Weight1.113 kg


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