Portable Red LED Light Transilluminator Clinicians Nurses Vein Finder Viewer

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Portable Red LED Light Transilluminator Clinicians Nurses Vein Finder
Power by:3*AAA battery
How to use
Step 1:Minimize the light, and choosing a dark room will show better results. Press the button on the bottom of the device to turn on the infrared LED.
Step 2:Press gently on the skin with your hand and slowly move the device from side to side. The vein will appear as a shadow or dark line and will appear on the periphery of the red glow around the device. Note:The device must be in contact with the skin when looking for veins. Taking the light out of the skin doesn’t show anything!
Step 3:Once the vein is found (dark shadow/line), reposition the infrared light around the area to obtain significant vein vision. If the vein is more superficial to the surface, it may be necessary to move the light source further because it may be too bright and cover the vein. Follow the vein path so that you have a full visual size and orientation. Find a vein that follows a straight path.
Package included
1 x Vein Finder(batteries not included)

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