Laser Picosecond Pen Portable Red And Blue Laser Eyebrow Washing Machine Freckle Removal Tattoo Spot Mole Pen

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Picosecond Laser Can Effectively Target The Following Types of Spots
1. Freckles:There are small brown spots from the tip of the needle to the rice grains, scattered on the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. They are usually present in childhood and always exist.
2. Moles:mostly appear gradually after puberty, several to dozens, large brown or black flat spots or protruding papules from the tip of the needle to the rice grain, mainly on the face and neck.
3. Zygomatic nevus:After puberty, clusters of spots from gray-blue needles to the size of rice grains on the cheekbones on both sides or the outer sides of the eyes gradually appear. A few patients have familial inheritance.
4. Age spots:several to dozens of waxy, rough brown or papules and plaques, which gradually increase and increase, and there are more sun-burned areas such as the face and the back of the hands.
5. Chloasma:Brown spots that gradually increase after the age of 25, mostly appear symmetrically on both cheeks.
6. Light coffee spots:Irregular light brown spots are usually present at birth.
7. Ota’s mother spots:Generally, gray-blue mottled patches appear on the upper half of one face, and even the sclera will be gray-blue, and the pigment is deep to the dermis.
8. Tattoos and eyebrows:artificially plant pigments in the dermis, or accidentally injured pencil lead, iron powder, etc. into the skin. The above symptoms of moles can be removed by laser, and the number of treatments depends on the depth of pigment.
9. Sunburn:elliptical protrusions or smooth, dark brown patches, which are prone to appear on the outer forearms, back of hands, front of calves and face. It is about the size of a grain of rice to a coin, and it begins to appear in middle age.
Frosted metal technology, alloy contacts and surface of the outer shell are UV treated to prevent wear.
Cooling hole design, healthier to use, prevent internal heating, causing damage to the machine.
High-definition display, the display is intuitive and simple, the operation is simpler, and it can be operated with one hand.
Imported laser head with stronger energy and better effect than domestic laser head.
Five core advantages:fast health, smaller wounds and faster recover.
1. Health:Manually press the button to control the light, the gear frequency can be controlled.
2. Fast:powerful and fast energy directly shatters melanin to achieve the effect of covering the skin.
3. Accurate:The laser is emitted point-to-point and only acts on one point.
4. Frequency:The laser pointer can be adjusted in multiple laser frequencies, as well as multiple intensities.
5. Application:suitable for more customers, the long-term effect is more obvious, and the long-lasting and healthier.
Product Name:Blue/Red Laser Picosecond Pen
Color Classification:blue light, red light
Working Frequency:9 gears for blue light, 3 gears for red light
Energy Intensity:4 files
Product Function:remove spotted moles
Applicable Objects:beauty salons, families, beauty hospitals, health centers.
Single Box Weight:440g
Single Box Size:21.5*16*4.8cm
Low Red Light Power:mainly wash eyebrows, tattoos, and remove moles. (Red light does not need to wear protective glasses)
High Blue Light Power:mainly washing eyebrows, washing tattoos, spotting moles, and removing spots. (Need to wear laser protective glasses to operate)
How to use
1. Plug in the power supply, the digital tube displays 0 after the machine is powered on.
2. Press the frequency mode selection button to select the frequency, and then set the output energy.
3. After the setting is completed, press the laser to turn on the light to output energy.
4. During the operation, pay attention to wear protective goggles.
5. The machine should be kept clean and avoid contact with its.
6. Novices do not operate without authorization.
7. Please clean it after use and keep it properly.
Red Light Picosecond Pen
After power on, press the frequency button after the digital tube displays normally. There are three frequency modes under the current selection, which are divided into 1.2.3. Then you can turn off the machine.
Blue Light Picosecond Pen
Press the frequency button after the digital tube displays normally after power on, the blue light has nine frequency modes, 1 to 9 light emission modes, press the energy increase button to adjust the energy size, after the setting is completed, the laser is output, and the operation is completed. Press once to launch the laser once.
Package Included
1x Laser Picosecond Pen (plug-in type)
1x Eye Mask
1x Charging Cable
1x Manual

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