Traditional Chinese 32 Cups Vacuum Suction Cupping Kit Magnet Massage Slimming Cup Set

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1 x Vacuum Suction Chinese Body Cupping Kit 32 Cups Massage Cupping Set
1 x Vacuum pump
1 x Pipe
This product is a kind of device used for cupping and scraping in clinical treatment and health care.
Function:help treating lumbar muscle strain, rheumatism
Size:(Inside diameter)
1:10pcs 5.5cm cups
2:10pcs 4.8cm cups
3:2pcs 4cm cups
4:2pcs 3cm cups
5:4pcs 2cm cups
6:4pcs 1.8cm cups
(Tank height is manual measurement, there may be errors specific to prevail in kind)
1.Lift the piston on top of vacuum cup (a little bit up) to ensure free passage of air .
2.Encase gently the entrance of vacuum gun over the piston at the top of the vacuum cup,vertically lift and full rod rapidly for several times until the skin within the cup is elevated.The optimal strength of suction depends on the user not felling is well.
3.At the sites not accessible to the user himself (such as the spinal and lumbar regions),an adaptor (aptional ) may be used.The method of mounting adaptor:First connect the big connecting grip at one the adaptor to the big hole in the standby gun entrance,then connect the small connecting rod at the other end to the en trance of vacuum gun to integrate it into a whole unit.Then the gun entrance and the piston at top of vacuum cup are encased together,and then the vacuum cups are placed on the treatment sites.During the pperation,suck the vacuum cups on the body surface according to the requirements in item 2 of this method.

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