OTOUCH Airturn 1 Sex Toys Masturbator for Men Silicone Electric Male Dick Massager Automatic Heating Artificial Vagina Vibrator for Adult

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OTOUCH Airturn 1 Sex Toys Masturbator For Men Silicone Electric Male Dick Massager Automatic Heating Artificial Vagina Vibrator for Adult
6 + 1 vibration modes & 2 heating levels – 6 types of fixed vibrations and fully automatic induction vibration mode for multi-frequency vibration enjoyment. With a unique counting function through an LED screen, controlled by an intelligent interactive ICU chip, you can get to a stronger climax. The two-stage heating function keeps the inside temperature at 30-40 ° C, simulates the actual mouth temperature and offers you the most authentic experience.
Realistic oral sex – These cup masturbators are made of medical grade 5 ° liquid silicone + ABS material, so you can experience the ultra-real soft sex. The depth is more than 12cm. Combined with lip design, vaginal and oral sex, strong suction power. Increases the muscles of the genitals, controls and delays the orgasm and improves the sex life.
Ergonomic design – The shape of the Man Masturbating Cup is very unique and innovative and imitates the perfect female curve. The non-slip texture design adapts to the hand curve. The product is comfortable to wear so that the hands do not get tired even after prolonged use. Enjoy unlimited pleasure.
Waterproof Low Noise & USB Charging – With the turbocharged quiet motor, the noise level is less than 60 decibels. IPX6 waterproof, can be used when bathing and showering. Multiple USB charging methods, suitable for laptop, power bank, USB charger. When fully charged, it can be used for 60 minutes. Note:The charging plug must prevent water from entering.
Kindly Remind
* Please carefully read the instruction manual and directions before to use
* Clean before to use, flush with warm water or mild detergent and dry with a towel
* Keep sanitation of item is recommended to safely enjoy the massage experience
* Please discreet to store and keep away from children
Packing Detail
1 x Masturbator cup
1 x USB Charging cable
1 x Instruction
1 x Pouch

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