Laser Freckle Removal Machine Skin Mole Removal Pen Spot Remover Remaval Pen Beauty Machine Pen

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Functions Introduction
The use of electron ion technology, instant sweep freckles, senileplaques, flat moles, etc., can be achieved without bleeding in the case of fast, safe and no side effects of medical beauty.
(1) The use of the latest technology, microcomputer control, convenient, fast.
(2) Using 6 gears adjustable scanspot power output, treatment of smart, reliable.
(3) Unique electric ion technology, the use of the process will not make people feel the existence of electric current, no bleeding.
(4) Plug-in, lightweight and convenient to carry, charge a time to work more than 5 hours.
(5) LCD display
Moving the micro-contact spot position back and forth slightly, can be clearly found that the melanin in electric acupuncture after Saul zoom black fall off, If the spot is shallow, the area is small and can be removed at one time. If the area is larger and the pigmentation is deeper, it is more appropriate to treat it 2 or 3 times. When using the electro-acupuncture treatment, the beautician holds the electro-acupuncture needle in addition to the customer’s inactive posture. When the beautician uses the electro-acupuncture treatment, the customer maintains a fixed posture, and the beautician’s hand holding the electro-acupuncture should be balanced and not shaken. In order to avoid burns, different depths, affect wound recovery, and leave scar.
Dot mole
When dot mole, you should pay special attention to distinguish the depth of the mole. Some moles grow on the surface of the skin, and the roots grow deep into the subcutaneous tissue. Do not scratch the surface of the mole once when using the electro-acupuncture. It is best to burn it in a small square. If growth relatively deep mole, besides should avoid inflammation after treatment. It is best to apply a little moisturizing cream such as live cells 2-3 days before the wound is restored. It can prevent the formation of pits in the skin. When wiping the nutrient cream, it should be noted that the wound should not be inflamed. If it is, it should not be wiped.
Remove granulation
The electroacupuncture port is slightly contacted with the granulation part, and the root granulation cells are burned by laser electric needle. After about one week, the granulation will fall off by itself. If the granulation volume is not large, the laser stylus can be used to burn the granulation in one time. If the granulation volume is large, it should be burned several times to avoid affecting wound recovery.
Package includes
1x Skin Tag Remover Kit
1x USB Cable

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