Reusable Earplugs for Sleep Cordless Noise Filter Sleeping PU Noise Cancelling Comfortable Reusable 30 Pairs Ear Plugs for Snoring

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Color. Pink / Color. Blue / Color. Yellow / Color. Green / Color. Orange /

1 soft and comfortable
2 strong sound insulation
3 new slow rebound PU material
4 anti-ear canal contour design
1.PU material:effectively protects the hearing in loud events or sets a quiet sleeping environment.
2. Anti-ear canal contour design:effectively fits the contour of the ear canal, weakens the sound transmission, and has good sound insulation effect.
3. Hygienic and portable:With a beautiful transparent plastic box, it can keep the noise clean and eliminate the damage of the earplugs.
4. Excellent noise reduction (NRR 32):Automatic adjustment of foam earplugs expands into the ear when inserted, creating a secure seal that provides excellent hearing protection in noisy workplaces and workplaces
Specification:Material:PU foam cotton
Color:five colors option
Canned:30 pairs + small box
Noise reduction rate:24db
Uses:home sleep, rest, study, travel sound insulation, aviation step-down noise reduction, construction labor insurance anti-noise, sports, swimming waterproof.
Design:good surface dryness and soft hand, slow rebound design for better sound insulation.
Gross weight:76g
Package included
30 Pairs Ear Plug
1 Pcs Storage Box

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