XIAOMI Mijia Foldable Hair Dryer Portable Negative Ion Electric Hair Dryer Blower Quick Dry Low Noise Dryer for Traveling&Household

SKU: VWOZ-1601959


Negative ion hair care|Foldable, easy storage | Large wind volume | Quick dry | Mini size and lightweight
XIAOMI Mijia Portable Negative ion Quick Dry Mi Hair Dryer Low Noise Blow Dryer
Dimensions:170x75x231mm (including air nozzle)
Voltage / rated frequency:220V ~ 50Hz
Hair care function:Negative ion hair care
Wind temperature gear:hot air, cold wind
Wind speed:strong windshield, soft windshield
Power cord length:1.7m (exposed)
Rated power:1 600W
Net weight:454g (including air nozzle)
[ Water Ion, Hair Depth Care & Bring Softness And Shine ]
Neutralizing static electricity, soothing dry ranunculus; Replenish moisture, smooth and knotted; Improve gloss, bright and elastic.
[Negative Ion Technology, Blow Dry Hair Not Drying ]
Condensation needle built into the air outlet condenses moisture in the air; Reduce static electricity and improve hair gloss.
[ Strong Wind Volume ]
With 6 airfoil blades, output 1.6m³ of large air volume per minute, bring a quieter and more enjoyable experience.
Hot and cold air circulation, 2-Speed adjustment, effectively avoid overheating damage to the hair.
Lightweight and comfortable hand feeling, skin-friendly, delicate and dirt-resistant material, effective isolated heat
Package Included
1x Hair dryer
1x Wind nozzles
1x Storage box
1x Manuals

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