Manual Blood Pressure Strap Stethoscope Medical Sphygmomanometer Arm Sphygmomanometer Double Tube Double Head Stethoscope

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Manual Blood Pressure Strap Stethoscope Medical Sphygmomanometer Arm Sphygmomanometer Double Tube Double Head Stethoscope
1. This manual inflation blood pressure monitor is similar to those used in doctors’ offices and hospitals. The kit comes with all you need to start taking your blood pressure at home.
2. It gives you professional accuracy without the need for electronics or batteries.
3. Deluxe arm cuff fits arm circumferences of 13 to 17 inches.
Includes an aneroid gauge, air release valve and inflation bulb with attached 22-inch stethoscope
4. Comes with a convenient black zippered storage case and detailed instructions
Header:aluminum alloy
Ball, bag:PVC
Specifications:55 * 37 * 37
Applicable parts:hand
Measuring range:0-300mmHg
Accuracy:+/- 3mmHg (0.4kPa)
Minimum scale:2mmHg
Nylon strap, with D ring, 48 * 14 or 51 * 14cm
Latex bag:22 * 12cm
5.1:Meter head:Material:aluminum alloy, zinc alloy default aluminum alloy color:black, blue, gray or customer specified
5.2:Inner capsule:material:latex, default PVC color:black or customer specified
5.3:Pressing ball:Material:Latex, default PVC color:black or specified by customer
5.4:Intake valve:Material:zinc alloy, copper, plastic Default:zinc alloy plating
5.5 Tail valve:copper or plastic Default:copper plating
5.6:Bag:leather bag
5.7 Strap:A, color:armband color, the default is black B, size:optional size is divided into (large adult, adult, adolescent, child, baby defaults to adult C, material:nylon, cotton, PU default Ny
5.8:Listening head:Specification:ordinary single listening, ordinary double listening Material:aluminum alloy, zinc alloy Surface treatment:aluminum alloy zinc oxide alloy plating Default:aluminum alloy ordinary single listening
5.9:Y tube (stethoscope tube):A, material:PVC B, color:customer specified default black
5.10:earhook:A, material:aluminum alloy, copper, stainless steel B, surface treatment:aluminum alloy, copper plating, stainless steel primary color
5.11:Packing:1pcs into the box, color box packaging, customer specified printing default neutral packaging
Package included
1 * Manual blood pressure monitor
1 * Stethoscope

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