USB Hair Regrowth Hat 3 Gears Timing Dimming Physiotherapy Oil Control Anti Hair off Cap

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1. For non-scarring alopecia, androgenetic alopecia, postpartum alopecia, thinning hair, hair loss, backward hairline (forehead balding), postpartum hair loss, stress alopecia, hereditary alopecia, baldness, greasy hair, Hair dry and fine, hair loss after hair transplantation, endocrine hair loss
2. High energy, can regulate oil secretion, enhance and improve hair follicle blood circulation and new generation, protect hair from happening-control oil and prevent shedding, help to grow hair, and make hair thicker, healthy, fixed Sex
3. Control fats and strengthen blood circulation,
4. Timing function:15/30/45 minutes
5. Adjustable brightness, stepless dimming, and multi-level dimming.
6. Up to 80 launcher heads
Working Current:2A
Charging Method:USB
Timing:15/30/45 minutes
Launcher Head Qty:80PCS
1-1:Light physiotherapy effect —– 20-30 minutes each time, there will be better improvement in 3-6 months
1-2:Therapeutic effect of hot pack —– The machine will emit a large amount of heat during use, which can reach a temperature of 30-45 degrees (adjusted according to its own adaptability, using the emitted heat, it can be applied to the skin and the need body parts,
1-3:Promote blood circulation and cooperate with red light to achieve physiotherapy effect. The product is a certain distance from the skin (generally not more than 30CM).
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1X Hair Regrowth Hat with Switch Line

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