Cat Eyeliner Eye Shadow Stencils Templates for Eye Makeup Cat Eye Line Guide Cosmetic

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Reusable , Soft Material ,perfectly fit everyone ,easy to draw eyeliner shape
Eyeliner cards, not about sides, is only one side, the need equilateral unfinished, in turn, draw the other side.
Eyeliner card is mainly to facilitate eyeliner to draw a rough, but each person’s face, the width and length can be adjusted appropriately according to their needs. – The most important point, it is important to use techniques, originally facilitate the novice to use, suggest that you use a few times, but not a bad one to deny Videos
They completely change the way you do your make-up and save your time and efforts.
This unique and first of its kind make-up tool will help you create different looks / visions easily and effortlessly
With inchEye Make-up stencilsinch you can create:Classic eye make-up, Classic eyeliner /thick or bold eyeliner, Outlining eye make- up, Almond eye make-up, Nude makeup eyeliner
Package included
1x Eyeliner stencil model

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