16Pcs Natural Energy Hot Stone Set SPA Essential Oil Volcanic Hot Stone Massage Massager with Heater Bag

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* Energy stone for women’s ovaries, uterine massage to deep conditioning, deep maintenance, dysmenorrhea, back pain, arthritis, cold hands and feet, irregular menstruation has a good effect; and at the same time can also regulate the body’s blood, internal organs Various features.
* When doing body massage in health center and family beauty, you can also do cis-style chest hot stone therapy / spine hot stone maintenance / shoulder health care hot stone maintenance / foot hot stone health / female physiological hot stone health / knee hot stone Maintenance / Head Hot Stone Therapy / Eye Lightening Dark Circles and Wrinkles Hot Stone Therapy.
* It is based on the volcanic rock homologous to the inchmicro-element skin care seriesinch. The volcanic energy stone is derived from the natural nature of the return to the ancient world. It is formed in the ancient world. The volcanic energy stone is derived from the natural minerals of nature. In the body, it contains a lot of skin care and health inchtrace elementsinch that the human body needs. Unlike ordinary smooth stones, its surface has many innate pores (the volcanic eruption releases energy when the magma is solidified at temperatures above 3000 degrees Celsius), just like the pores on the skin.
* After carefully selecting stones, grinding stones, and using precious Chinese herbal medicines and twenty-four essential oils to fully absorb precious Chinese herbal medicines and fine ingredients, the ingredients of the essential oils can be absorbed during the process of raising stones, and the energy is contacted with the skin (including various benefits). The release of trace elements into the body, combined with different efficacy products and special massage techniques, can solve many annoying skin problems and physical diseases.
* In addition, the surface area covered by the small stone is much larger than the surface area of the smooth stone, so its ability to adsorb negative ions in the human body is many times stronger than other stones. When in close contact with the skin, the deep dirt and toxins in the pores of the human skin can be taken out. This is unmatched by other pebbles, rain stones, river stones, and even some jade.
1:8*8cm:4Pcs:for back, waist and thigh
2:8*6cm:4Pcs:for palms, arms, thighs, calves
3:4*3cm:8Pcs:for face/eye palm and hand joint/sole meridian/ankle joint
Package Included
16 x Massage stone
1 x Heating bag

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