4Pcs Acne Needles Extractor Remover Blackhead Acne Remover Pimple Blemish Treatments

SKU: VWOZ-1617985


Package Include
4 x Acne needle
1. Suck the comedones, cutin, sebum and keep the skin smooth and refleshing.
2. 4 needle (8 kinds of needle head included)for free selection.
3. Without finger squeezing or pulling, easy to use, easy to clean, easy to maintain.
4. Anti-slip handle, convenient and practical for beauty and skin care.
5. Designed with a storage box for better storage.
1. Model:YDPL
2. Material:PP+Metal
3. Quantity:4Pcs
4. Size:About
5. Color:Pink
1. Please use ethyl alcohol to clean before and after using.
2. Please stop use if you feel uncomfortable.
3. Keep it away from children.

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