X-shaped Correction Kyphosis Correction Belt Seamless Body Sculpting Vest Posture Corrector

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Size:for bust 75-85cm
Material:nylon and spandex
Feature:back brace, beauty shoulder ,slimming,fat burning,massage body shoulder,posture corrector
1.Remove excess fat, firm skin moisture, stripped bothersome cellulite, flabby skin elasticity recovery, create the perfect arm shoulder skin, enjoy smooth and delicate arm.
2.Special bump thin woven processing, increase metabolism, relaxed consume energy, tightening annoying arm fat.
3.Perfect beam port design, comfortable and not tight. Arm massage can promote energy metabolism, help you burn fat.
4.Fabric with strong elastic knit bump massage, circulation lean fat, together with the principles of human daily arm moving, slow heating of fat function, inadvertently help you prevent arms plot fleshy, very good, no deformation fabrics, three-dimensional cut stickers fit the body curve, comfort is good, thin thin anywhere. By high elastic stretch material with a special weaving technique, three-dimensional shape, arm, seamless processing, easy to wear off, the better for shoulder moisturizer.

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