Electric Hair Trimmer USB Rechargeable with 5 Limit Comb Minimum Hair Length 0.1mm Hair Carving 10W

SKU: VWOZ-1586330


Power mode:USB charging type
Power:10 (W)
Tool head material:stainless steel tool head
Body size:15*4.5*3.5cm (cutter head diameter:4cm)
Charging time:1.5 hours
Usage time:2 hours
Voltage:100-240v 50/60hz
Cleaning method:wash the knife head with water
V-shaped cutter tooth, ultra-thin v-cutter tooth design, smooth in and out, clean in shearing, good for carving, trimming and polishing.
Five limit comb, novice and shaving gradient Gospel, with five different lengths of limit comb, portable operation.
Low noise design, the use of blade fitting technology, reduce the friction between knife and fixed knife effectively reduce the noise.
1000mAh long endurance time, 1.5 hours fast charge, sustainable use of about 120 minutes +.
Charging and plugging dual-use, power off without worry. Plug and play support, forget to charge without worry, plug in can easily cut hair.
Compact body, comfortable grip. Body plating paint process, not because of long-term use color loss.
Package included
1 x USB charging cable (2 m)
5 x limit comb (1/2/3/4/5mm)
1 x Head guard
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Instructions

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