220V 5W Shoe Dryer Boot Drier Heater Odor Deodorant Dehumidify Device Light Shoe Dryer

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Name:Cartoon Shoe Dryer
Color:as shown in thepicture
Rated voltage:220 (V)
Rated power:5 (W)
Plug specification:US Plug
Style:As picture show
Cartoon design, lovely and beautiful, uniform and reasonable heat dissipation hole layout makes the thermal energy fully function in the shoes, the shoes are fresh and comfortable.
PP material, reasonable heating, safe use, 360° to release heat. Reasonable heating structure design, easier to dry inner foot sweat, meticulous process design, not easy to burn the skin, safe use does not hurt the shoes.
Removes moisture inside the shoe and eliminates the growth of bacteria.
Great for hikers, soccer players,golfers,tennis players, fishermen, skiers, etc.
Fits for leather shoes, cloth shoes, cotton shoes, rain boot, etc.
1. Take out the shoe dryer and put it into the shoes one by one.
2. After adjusting the position of the shoe dryer inside the shoe, press the shoe head as far as possible and plug in the power.
3. Dry the shoes for about 2 hours. If the shoes are wet, the drying time can be extended appropriately.
Package included
2 x Cartoon Shoe Dryers

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