16 Heads Electric Massager Pillow Lumbar Body Neck Back Shiatsu Kneading Cushion

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Voltage 110V / Voltage 220V /

Name:Car-Mounted Home Massage Pillow
Massage mode:forward massage, reverse massage
Voltage:100-240 v
Safety protection:over heat, over current protection
Massage head:16
Battery capacity:1200mah
Suitable for both car and home usage.
There is an elastic strap in the back to install this massage cushion to chair at home or seat in the car.
3D hot compress massage ball, completely evacuate muscles, relieve pain, restore vitality, built-in protection device for overheating and power failure.
Positive turn and reverse, knead and massage,utomatic positive and negative turn knead and massage, match real person feel, regulating qi and activating blood, shu jing and activating collaterals.
12V safety voltage. Through voltage conversion, 12V safe working voltage input, remove safety hidden danger.
1. Domestic use:connect the output plug of the power adapter with the massager, and then insert the input plug into the indoor power socket.
2. Automobile use:connect the automobile lighter with the massager, and then insert the lighter into the hole. At this time, the product power, namely in standby state.
3. In order to extend the service life of the product, it is recommended to use it for about 10-15 minutes each time. After each use, turn off the machine for half an hour.
Package included
1 x Car-Mounted Home Massage Pillow
1 x Home adapters
1 x Manual

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