LuckyFine 4 in1 RF Radio Frequency Skin Firming Blue LED Photon Machine Facial Skin Care Wrinkle Removal

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Item Type:Radio Frequency Device
Max Watt:10W
Output Frequency:90KHz
Led Wave Length:16.33 inch/17.71 inch
Package Included
1 x Radio Frequency Device
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual
How to Use
1. Connect with the power.
2. Clean the skin.
3. Turn on the machine,the blue light will on.
4. The machine connect with the skin (You need to put the gel first), pull and pacify according the facial texture.
Adjust the energy according the bearing capacity.
5. When operating. The skin must be sure totally contact with 2 or more touch head (warm feeling).
6. Operate finished,turn off the machine, the blue light will off.
7. Clean the machine via water or alcohol.
1. Electroporation –make the essence soaked into the deep skin
Electroporation is a beauty method that to inject collagen and hyaluronic acid into deep skin with No-needle.
Throught the You will feel no pain and acheive better effect.
2. Mesoporation(No-Needle Mesotherapy/Thermage) –make the essence soaked into the subcutaneous tissue
Mesocoporation is a new name that named conbining with Mesotherapy technology and Eletroporation technology.
3. LED Photon — can restrain and kill bacteria(Acne removal and Pimples removal), good for sensitive skin.
Wave Length 415mm will not harm the skin.
4. EMS –Slimming,face lifting and skin tightening,wrinkle removal
EMS can help to relax muscle,activate the skin tissue(skin cell), so that to achieve better face lift
and wrinkles removal effect.
5.Radio Frequency(RF) –Eleminating toxin,promoting blood circulation, improving lumph circulation,
body shaping,body care and slimming
1. Microwave pulse to tighten skin and restore skin elasticity.
2. Superstrong import nutrition to the deep skin and perfectly obsorption.
3. Radio Frequency current,elimating toxin,slim and shape body.
4. No-needle Mesotherapy,no pain and no harm.
5. 4 electrical tips and 16 pieces of LED lamps for treatment.
6. Daily skin care for body & face therapy. Stop time flowing through your skin.
7. Portable and easy to operate,treatment can be everywhere at anytime.
8. Enjoy skin care at home with in-office experience.
1.Effect a radical cure blain, and curb the youth beans and black of the original bacteria, improve acne scars
2.Remove wrinkles, face lifting ,skin Rejuvenitation.
3.Improve skin, promote the formation of collagen, make skin younger
4.Remove the red spot
5.Nourish and whiten skin
6.Slimming and body shape
1. Remove Wrinkle – Remove wrinkle on forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, lip nasal grooves,
neck wrinkles. (Deep through heat treatment supply oxygen and nutriment into the skin, strength
cell function improve blood lymph circulation, promotes the metabolism, promote collagen, improve skin condition).
2. Tightens and Lifts – Lifting forehead, around the eyes, face, neck skin lifting, shrinkable the pore,
and remove the double chin.
3. Safe and Effective – 4 electrode slice-use the new medical materials, safe without side effect,
anti-allergic. 4 adjust control-adjust from weak to strong.
4. ON/OFF Touch Mode – LED blue light-use the american led photon, calm acne, diminish inflammation,
acne treatment.
5. Easy to Operate – The beauty device is convenient to carry, treatment can be everywhere at anytime.
Let the time stop flowing through your skin

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