Eyelashes Perming Kit Eye Lashes Glue Thicker Longer Curling Wave Lotion Charming

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Item Type:Eyelashes Perming Kit
Package Included
3 x Perm Agent (Pink)
3 x Fixative (Cream White)
2 x Nutritive Liquid (Orange)
2 x Cleaning Lotion (Clear)
32 x Roller Stick
1. Please keep the lotion under room temperature and keep it away from Sunlight.
2. After opening the seal of the First Application and the Second Application,
please use up this product within ONE MONTH.
3. Do not apply the First Application onto an iron-made equipment.
4. Wash your eyes with distilled water or artificial eye drops if this lotion accidentally reaches your eyes.
5. After curling your eyelashes, apply eyelash grower to make your eyelashes curl naturally and nourish and
repair your eyelashes, making your eyelashes more beautiful and charming.

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