LuckyFine Ultrasonic Ultrasound Facial Lifting Anti Aging Skin Care Refresh Beauty Machine

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Item Type:Beauty Machine
Operating Head:One
Running Rate:55W
Applicable Voltage:AC90-240V
Product Size:App 230 x 105 x 98mm
Packing Side:App 310 x 210 x 125mm
Packing:Carton packing
Feature:The beauty machine has the effect of face lifting, firming and delaying aging
which is the first choice for modern women to be ignored by years.
Package Included
1 x Beauty Machine
1 x Power Line (We will send you a plug adapter according to your country.)
1 x Sticker Set
1 x User Manual
Technical Principle
Improve the epidermis of skin
The product puts energy into the firming depths of skin during operation, energy releases
heat from the inside and outside, accelerating the blood circulation and metabolism of the epidermis,
to improve the problems of skin appearing black, yellow and so on.
Accelerate collagen regeneration
The energy point acts on the skin and accelerates the collagen cells so as to reshape the fresh,
tender and white skin.
Reshape the supporting force for Smas
Under the effect of energy, Smas layer continuously produces new fascia cells,
which makes the fascia layer rejuvenated.
Instrumental Advantages
1. New technique:The product is a new technology product developed by Japan in
accordance with American technology.
2. Free consumable material:The product applies a new generation of focusing
chips from the United States, it can be used until the product out of order, without changing the operating head.
3. One probe achieves three depths:The product uses new technology, one probe achieve three depths.
4. Safe and non-invasive, without recovery period:The product with safe operation
and no recovery period, you can go to work or shopping after operation.
1. Before use, please fill the machine with water.( After that, Please dry the sticker and paste it. )
2. Please use with the hydrating gel.( First rub the hydrating gel on your face. )

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