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inflatable Cervical Collar Neck Relief Traction Brace Support Pillow Device

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Material:Flannel Cloth
Height:18cm Max.
The Inflatable Neck Traction Device is a value for money neck collar that effectively supports the head, neck and shoulders.
The pneumatic neck device easily inflates with the hand pump to a comfortable level of traction alleviating pressure and decompressing the spinal disc and easing the constriction on nerve and blood circulation.
Furthermore, the Inflatable Neck Traction Device relaxes the shoulder muscles and greatly improves the spinal posture.
It also helps keep the neck warm and serves as a reminder to limit head and neck motion.
Traction adjuvant treatment for nerve root spondylopathy.
Suitable for
Reducing neck, shoulder, and back pain while working, studying, driving, etc.
Helps to avoid motions that might cause pain.
Support and correct neck posture.
Provide firm comfortable support.
How to Use
1. Use a mirror as a reference to position the device correctly. You can use the two nylon straps in the front to adjust the fit.
2. Before inflation, push the blue wheel on the airlock down away from the hand pump.
3. Use the hand pump to inflate to your preference, then roll the wheel back to lock the air in.
4. Traction time is usually 15 to 30 minutes, one to two times a day, 15-20 days for a course of treatment, each treatment interval is 7-10 days.
5. Deflate by unlocking airlock and twisting open the screw connected to the pump.
* Try to relax the neck when using, and slowly inflate and pressurize to enhance the traction effect.
* When using, it is forbidden to tear hard to avoid leakage at the joint. When the surface of the neck traction is stained, it can be cleaned with a soft brush with water. Do not wash with water, do not soak and brush hard.
* This product should only be used under the supervision of a doctor. If you experience any sudden increase in pain or have any questions regarding use of neck traction devices, consult your doctor immediately.
* Suggest releasing the air when you complete the use to protect the device.
Package Included
1 x Neck Relief Traction (not included other decorations)

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