LuckyFine Toenail Fungus Treatment Set onychomycosis Gel Nail Repair Serum Nail Care Tool

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Item Type:Nail Fungus Treatment Set
Ingredients:Water, hydroxybenzene 2% (W/W), ohydroxybenzoic acid 3% (W/W),
glycerol 2% (W/W), lactic acid
Specifications:Onychomycosis gel:1 X 5ml
Nail repair serum:1 X 10ml
Elimination of Microbial Types:This product has antibacterial effect against Candida albicans,
golden yellow grape ball and Escherichia coli.
Use Range:Fungal infection tissue
Remove Onychomycosis nail—-the gel that remove the Onychomycosis nail
1. Take the antibacterial gel and apply it evenly to the infected tissue for 30-50 minutes( adjust the
retention time and application thickness according to the fungal infection tissue thickness).
2. Use a pair of scissors or nail scissors to cut off the fungal infection tissue( in the repair, the skin
should not be damaged:if it is damaged, use it after recovery). Use it continuously until the fungal
infection tissue is completely removed. (24-48 hours interval between each use) After the fungal
infection tissue is completely removed, the infected tissue begins to use the new nail repair solution
when it appears pink and smooth.
1. During the use of this product, the fungal infection tissue can not be naturally detached, and it needs
to be peeled off with a nail cutter, but it cannot be forcibly trimmed and must be naturally peeled off on
a painless basis.
2. During the use of this product, please disable it for 2-4 days if you feel uncomfortable.
Help to Grow New Nails—new nail repair fluid
Use Method
1. Take a new nail repair solution and gently squeeze the bottle to apply the film evenly to the infected
tissue and surrounding skin. Dry within 10 seconds after application.
2. The product is applied once every morning and evening.
3. Adhere to treatment until the infected tissue returns to health.
This product is only suitable for Onychomycosis.
Please stop using if you feel unwell.
Please store in a cool place away from light.
Package Included
1 Set X Nail Fungus Treatment Set

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