35000RPM Nail Drill Equipped Suction Dust Collector Machine Desk Lamp 3 in 1 Salon Nail Art Tool

SKU: VWOZ-1206625


Voltage 110V /

Item Type:Nail Art Equipment
Size:31 x 9.5 x 27cm
Total Power Rating:30W
Input Power:AC 110, 50Hz / AC 220V, 60Hz
Use For:Nail Drill for Pedicure and Manicure
Dusts Collector
1. Equipped with 304 grade stainless steel 0.015cm filter.
2. No dust bag replacement needed.
3. 3200 RPM blower fan equipped.
4. Easy cleaning of filtered dusts.
Nail Drill
1. 35000 RPM nail drill equipped.
2. Adjustable rotation speed.
3. Adjustable forward/reverse rotation.
4. Steady hand piece.
5. Twist lock hand piece.
6. Foot pedal installed.
Desk Lamp
1. High power led lamp.
2. Bendable lamp pillar.
Package Included
1 x Main Board ( with Main Electric Plug Attached )
1 x Stainless Steel Filter Installed
1 x Nail Drill Pen
1 x Foot Pedal
1 x LED Lamp
1 x Box 6 drill beads
How to Use
1. Turn on into inchIinch of INPUT POWER, the power can be connected;
2. The nail dust collector fan starts to run for operating, then you can close the nail to the fan;
3. Adjust the speed control of nail dril, and choose the inchFOOTinch or inchHANDinch control, inchFWDinch or inchREVinch direction,for your better use;
4. Turn on into inchIinch of DESK LAMP POWER, the desk lamp is on, and the lamp is free to be adjsuted in different angles.
1. Comes with one Nail drill, one dust collector and one desk lamp;
2. Three great machines combines in one for best professional use;
3. Nail Drill for pedicure and manicure;
4. Dust collector for dust suction;
5. Desk lamp for better lighting;
6. Easy to use panel:speed control, foot/hand, rodward/reverse;
7. Separate on/off control for better use.
1. Ensure to make the dust bag hitch to cover the output of the fan before operating;
2. Note to clean the fan, dust bag and the sponge in time;
3. Not to touch the fan during operating;
4. Insert the plug into the proper socket with correct voltage;
5.Pls not to takeout the power cord during working, unless he switch is at inchOinch station;
6. Pls keep the equipment away from water, sundries and so on;
7. Pls keep the plug out from the power supply after stop the equipment;
8. Any unaythorized disassembling is prohibited on the equipment.

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