LuckyFine Negetive Ion Facial Clean Anti-aging Skin Care Vibration Acne Treatment Spa Massager Machine

SKU: VWOZ-1278759


Item Type:Facial Massager
Voltage:DC 3V(2*AAA Battery, not included)
Size:60 x 42 x 151mm
Package Included
1 x Host
1 x Cleaner Brush Head
1 x Powder Brush Head
1 x User Manual
1. Negetive Ionic lead in function, powerfully replenishes nutrients into skin which may
accumulate surrounding the skin cells as ion cluster and promotes cells to constantly absorb nutrition.
2. Vibration Function:Stimulate harmful substance which hide in deep skin to move out quickly.
3. Fashionable portable design.
4. Acne Treatment, Deep Cleansing.
1. Improve blood circulation.
2. Remove eczema, spots.
3. Stimulate skin, increase the secrete movement of Skin.
4. Deeping improve skin , make skin smooth and white, luster and elasticity.
5. Deep cleaning skin, lead harmful substances out of skin.
6. Deep clean the pores to prepare for effective moisturizing or nourishing.
7. Helpfully absorb water and nutrition to prevent skin from aging.
8. Exfoliate dead skin to reveal a smooth radiant youthful face.
9. Solve problem:Dark skin, Eczema, acne, melanin.

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