Face Detox Double-Head Multifunctional Beauty Machine Cleaning Pore Firming Lifting Massager

SKU: VWOZ-1441087


Item Type:Face Detox Beauty Instrument
Functions:Introduce essence, absorb moisture, dilute eye lines, dark circles
How to use
Fade the fine lines:The vertical direction of the EMS probe along the fine lines;
after slowly pulling about 1 cm, stay here for about 3-4 seconds, wait for the fine lines
to stretch and tighten, repeat 5 times, and then do the next step.
Lifting and tightening:EMS probe from bottom to top, slowly pulling about 2-3 cm, stay
here for 2-3 seconds. Repeat this 3 times and then about 0.5 cm to the outer ring of the skin.
Repeat this step to strengthen the fastening.
Lighten dark circles eye bags:gently massage the dark circles and eye bags with a massage
head. Moderate intensity, soothing movement, repeat 6-8 times from the inner corner of the
eye to the outer corner of the eye.
Package Included
1 X Face Detox Beauty Instrument

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