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Dual Electric Ionic Cell Detox Foot Bath Spa Machine Home Relax Massager LCD w/ Mp3 Music Player

SKU: VWOZ-1424150


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Product power:50W
Material:ABS plastic
Health and wellness.
MP3 music playback function.
Ion purification foot care function (3 modes).
Product operation steps
1. Inject 12-50 cm of water into the tub and cover the ion head.
2. Put 1-10g of special foot solute or household salt in the water, then mix well.
3. Plug the power cord into the power socket of the instrument.
4. After plugging in the power cord, turn on the work power button.
5. Insert the ion head into the ion head hole of the instrument.
6. After inserting the ion head, put the ion head in the water.
7. Insert the wrist strap into the hole in the wrist.
8. Insert the wrist strap and put the wrist on your wrist.
9. After wearing the wrist strap, put your feet in the water.
10. Press the “A/B Inch button to adjust the time.
11. Press the “MODE Inch button to adjust the mode.
12. Press the “ON/OFF Inch button to start and stop the instrument.
13. Plug the ear hole wire into the instrument headphone jack.
14. Press the “PLAY/STOP Inch button to start the stop music.
15. Press this button to change the music.
Not suitable for the crowd
Epilepsy patient
2. There are injured in the footsteps
3. Serious heart disease patients
4. Preg-nant women and lactating women
5. I have done an organ transplant surgery
6. Implanted metal or electronic medical devices in the body
7. With a pulse adjuster or electromagnetic device
Principle of efficacy
Promote the body to absorb more negative ions, adjust the body’s pH, is the body’s pH balance is more reasonable.
Using the regulation of micro-energy to regulate the blood flow of the human body and balance the human microcirculation system.
Using the excretion of pores in the footsteps, using the harmful substances accumulated by the human body to excrete from the body, reducing the harmful substances in the human body.
Using micro-energy adjustment as a tool to affect the microscopic system of the human body, improve the body’s immunity, prevent and affect the pathogenesis.
The effectiveness of the ion foot bath function on the human body mainly lies in the persistence and long-term use, in order to achieve the purpose of gradually improving the human body function.
Package Included
1 x Ionic Detox Machine
2 x Wrist strap
2 x Ion head
1 x Power cord
2 x Headphone cable
1 x Instruction manual

Weight4.096 kg


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