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2019 Electric Massager Acupuncture Meridian Energy Health Pen Kit Pen Relief Pain Tools

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Material:Stainless steel
Battery:1 x AA battery (not included)
Technical parameters
Power supply:DC1.5 W
Output:3.7V; 300mA
Pulse frequency:0.01 — -300Hz
Peak voltage of open circuit output electronic pulse:0-360V
Maximum output amplitude:500ohm load, voltage:3.3V
Different Grades Adjustable
Fusion of modern biotechnology
Simple operation, easy to carry
Safe and effective, with no side effects
Without piercing the skin to do acupuncture
Effective for:Acute and chronic physical pain, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Osteoporosis, Sciatica, Spondylitis, Migraine, Sports injuries, Muscle & joint pains, Back pain, Fibromyalgia
Operating instructions
1. Install the battery (AA battery), with the battery negative pole towards the side of the battery cover and then tighten the battery cover
2. Long press the power button to start the machine. Select the appropriate massage mode and skip to inch1inch.
3. When operating by myself, I need a hand to hold the massage pen, and then touch the massage head to the part that needs to be massaged, and then slowly adjust the gear position according to myself until the strength is suitable for me
4. When you need to give a massage to others, you should hold the massage pen with one hand and make contact with the skin of others with the other hand. Then you should touch the massage head to the part that others need to massage and then slowly adjust the position until the strength is suitable for others
5. Massage time is generally about 15 minutes for a cycle, three times a day is recommended
6. After the massage, adjust the gear to inch0inch and the machine will automatically shut down
7. When the machine is finished, the battery should be taken out for the next use
8. It is forbidden to have a pacemaker
Package Included
1 x Massage Pen
1 x Acupoint Map
1 x Mushroom Head Probe
1 x Circular Probe

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